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rirRecovery Internet Radio ---- How It All Started

The idea for Recovery Internet Radio surfaced in the late afternoon on a frigid day in February when Rick Atwater was pacing in his home office. Anyone who knows Rick is well aware that he isn’t going to spend his winters sitting in front of the television or playing board games. It is on these cold afternoons when his mind begins to scan for the next project, the next creative endeavor, or the next spark to illuminate the dark, cold, restless mid-west winters.
It wasn’t until April, just as the cold winds were beginning to die down, that he started to ask almost everyone he knew if they knew about internet radio shows. No one seemed to know about it, so he Googled “internet radio,” learned about and free software. “Straight Stuff on Addictions” was started that Sunday afternoon in mid-April, by himself, in his home office. Like most impulsive creative’s, he didn’t follow all of the directions and no one else could hear his first recorded show. Just when he thought he had the issues solved, it happened again for his second recorded show. Finally, he took the phone off the hook and his third show broadcasted. It was a good day.

Rick’s son, Chris, being technically astute, offered to be the engineer/producer for the show. After producing twelve shows, Chris was promoted to “sidekick” and today provides sound effects, the introduction, music, and often, comments to inspire Rick and the person being interviewed to greater heights.

The studio audience ranges anywhere from a couple to a half a dozen people of all ages, and is growing. The total number of “listens” including (and made up of) primarily archived listeners, numbered over 2500 within the first three months.

The show is intended to have an informal, creative, open minded talk show format. Guests offer advice, stories of heart-break and transformation, discussion on recovery topics, and are a portal for connection for recovering people. The show is rapidly becoming known as the recovery internet radio for underground recovery advocates.
On the show you will hear laughter, and sometimes, tears. One guest screamed when she suddenly saw a spider on the carpet next to her chair. Another time, an audience member laughed so hard she snorted, a newly recovering male addict had to ask for a Kleenex to wipe his tears, and an interviewee forgot the topic he was supposed to be talking about.

Simply, Straight Stuff on Addictions is organic, spontaneous, fun and heart-felt. It is informative and offers resources and insights into the world of addicts and recovery. Rick and Chris are always on the look for talented recovering musicians, topics, and people who will offer their point of view from their personal experiences. The mission of the show is to enlighten, entertain, educate, confront stereotypes and spark some compassion. There have been some regular visitors on the show, one being, “Mr. Drughead”. Rick was touched with “Mr. Drughead” said, “drug addicts are good people.”

There is no doubt that Rick and his side-kick Chris, will reach more people to quietly, peacefully, and humbly pass along the recovery message to anyone who tunes in. As they say in the recovery world, it just takes willingness to listen for the one word, one phrase, one piece of information that could save a life.


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